Our team 

Georgetown University PHR Board:

Asylum Clinic Scheduling Coordinators: Allison Rooney and Melissa Baker

Continuing Care and Data Collection: Kathryn Lee

Education Coordinators: Dahlia Fateen and Beelet Dawood

Outreach Coordinator: Adaah Sayyed

Georgetown Students on the national PHR Student Advisory Board:


Dr. Ranit Mishori 

Dr. Ranit Mishori is the director of Global Health Initiatives in the Georgetown University School of Medicine's Department of Family Medicine and a Physicians for Human Rights Asylum Network Member and Medical Expert Consultant on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones. She also serves as the faculty advisor for our campus Physicians for Human Rights chapter. 

Dr. Mishori earned an M.D. from the Georgetown University School of Medicine and an MHS from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Prior to medical school, Dr. Mishori had a career as a television producer and journalist, focusing on international affairs and conflict. She has continued to write and report, focusing on health and medicine. She has written hundreds of articles for Parade Magazine, the Washington Post, Daily News, The Huffington Post, and many others.