Our next Asylum Clinic Evaluation Training Workshop will be held on October 20th at Georgetown University School of Medicine.

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The basic goal of the Asylum Clinic is for volunteer clinicians to perform a comprehensive physical or psychological evaluation of U.S. asylum seekers and to submit an affidavit to support their case in the immigration court. This process can drastically improve the chances of a survivor of human rights abuses in obtaining legal status in the U.S

In order to work with asylum seekers, physician and student volunteers must attend a training workshop. It will cover the topics of: Asylum Law, Practical Tips for Working with Asylum Seekers, Physical Evaluation, Psychological Evaluations, and Best Practices for Writing Affidavits.

The workshop includes coffee, breakfast and lunch, and materials. Registration for students will cover food and material costs. Registration for clinicians will cover their registration with PHR, materials, and food for the day.

the schedule

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Our most recent event was on capitol hill in order to support a group of clinicians and representatives from PHR who met with the civil liberties division of the Department of Homeland Security to discuss the current US border policy. We are proud of are medical students who advocated for change outside the White House.

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